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| Thursday, March 08, 2007

Derek Yee's Protege is doing very well in Hong Kong's box office, followed by good box office takings in Mainland China and South-east Asia. It will be screened in Taiwan's cinemas starting 16 March. Andy Lau's drug lord character won many praise and the Hong Kong media thinks that this is the best ever performance by him which even outshine his performance in Infernal Affairs, it seems that he has high chances of winning Best Actor awards.

In the movie, Andy is a drug lord suffering from kidney failure who wanted to pass on his business to his protege Daniel Wu. In order to look realistic for his character, Andy had to spend 3 hours before shooting to dye his hair grey, plus suffering from kidney failure, he need to hold onto his painful waist area at all times which is not simple.

Derek also manage to make Andy wear coffee-coloured shirt which he dislike in order to make the character older. Luckily Andy is satisfied in his character's image as he quipped that it will be how he look like when he grows older.

news from: Central Daily News