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| Thursday, May 10, 2007

Andy Lau whom had been venturing into the movie industry in recent years had once revealed that he wished to unite the TVB 5 Tigers to collaborate in a film. Actually he had been working towards this wish all these while as he will invest to shoot a film titled 'Xiong Di' (literally translated as Brothers) where shooting will be starting next month. He personally invite Felix Wong, Michael Miu and Ken Tong to collaborate, however Tony Leung was missed out in the 5 Tiger's gathering, whereas a non-related Eason Chan become one of the male leads.

In the early 80's, Andy, Tony, Michael and Ken were highly used by TVB to become idols, when requested to inked a 5-years contract, five of them decided not to sign the contract after discussion, however Tony "betray" them to sign up with TVB and become the sole idol that's TVB was promoting, he lose his friendship when he opt for a chance for stardom, thus resulting the relationship of the 5 Tigers to break down. Having suffering together when they were young, the other 4 still pick up their feeling despite being angry with Tony to collaborate for the first time in 1991's The Tigers. After that film, they seldom collaborate, in addition to Tony's character of being lonely and left out groups, this form a hatred on him among the other 4 members. Andy and Tony had been competing each other in the movie industry until Andrew Lau approached them to collaborate in Infernal Affairs. In Andy's 2004 September concert at the Hong Kong Coliseum which happened to be his 100th concert, the other 3 tigers came to send in their congratulation with no sight of Tony.

With Andy gathering the 5 Tigers to collaborate after 16 years, it show their hatred towards Tony as he was not invited. When interviewed, the film's producer Kent Cheng expressed: "I'm just the producer of the film, more details will be announced by the movie company, I'm not in a position to reveal anything." When asked why Tony was left out, he said: "Why he's not included? You would have to ask Andy, it doesn't means that without Tony this film cannot work out?"

On the other side, Andy answered through his assistant that he was currently location shooting in Mainland China, details can asked the director. Director Derek Chiu whom was in Thailand to scout for location shooting venue for the film expressed through telephone interview: "I've never thought of casting Tony, Eason, Felix, Ken, Michael and Andy are in the cast." When asked why he didn't consider casting Tony, he answered: "There's many reasons, financial problems as he would be asking a high fees." Derek reveals that the film would start shooting next month, there would be location shooting in Bangkok before continue shooting in Hong Kong, the production fee of the movie is estimated to be around HK$20000,000.

The selling point of the film is brotherhood, it narrates that the triad had nominated the elder son Michael to be the new leader, younger brother Eason whom return from overseas has no interest in triad matters. Michael passed away due to illness and pass his leadership to Eason which slowly reveal his evil side of him. Felix is the sworn brother of Michael. Ken will be a villain triad members, whereas Andy will cameo as a violent policeman who behold justice.

news from: Apple Daily News