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| Monday, April 30, 2007

The Warlords which gathers a cast which consist Andy Lau, Jet Li and Takeshi Kaneshiro had been confirmed to be screened in the cinema during the golden slot of 13 December 2007. The first trailer press conference had been held in Beijing yesterday (29 April 2007), director Peter Chan meet the media reporters with the trailer.

With regards to the earlier leak of the trailer in the Internet, Peter admitted that the leaked version is the same as this official trailer, however the culprit had yet to be caught. Peter expressed that he's headache about this matter, he said: "The trailer leaked from Thailand, I happened to be in Thailand at that time, this make me as the most suspicious person. Anyway, the trailer is not long, I'm afraid that if I show the 30 minutes trailer to the professionals, it got leaked again, this won't be as simple as one minute plus."

At the press conference, Peter sing praise that Andy is the most experienced actor, Jet's performance is the most surprising of the movie and collaboration with Xu Jinglei is very relaxed. Peter said: "Andy is the most experienced actor among the cast, his judgement is more accurate than me, he can become a director." Peter added that Andy quipped that he's the slim down version of Sumo Hung.

In the short one and a half minute trailer, war battles are used as background. Peter introduce that this will also be the opening scene of the movie as it's because of this battle that bond the brotherhood of Andy, Jet and Takeshi. The three male leads' dirtied image is completely different from their previous movies. It's quite a common sight of Jet wearing the armor, a moustached Takeshi has no images of his clean handsome looks, even the mostached Andy whom was riding on the horse get a close up but reporters need to watch the trailer three times before confirming it's him.

In the trailer, Takeshi, Andy and Jet had different timing of close up, the reporters were wondering if this is the ranking of the actors. Peter deny such saying as the ranking is to suit the trailer's content. Xu Jinglei was nowhere in sight in the trailer, Peter explains that he was trying to express the battle scenes in his first trailer, if to add on any love scenes, it would be at least 3 minutes. He said: "She might not even appear in the second trailer, I'll be working on the third trailer which will be about brotherhood love, love and evil plannings."

news from: Sina.com, ent.163.com