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| Sunday, April 29, 2007

Ever since the Yang Lijuan incident, Andy Lau had been in low profile as he was location shooting in Dunhuang for Daniel Lee's Three Kingdom - Resurrection of the Dragon, although stirring himself away from allegations, Andy encountered sandstorm, rainstorm and heavy snow during shooting. The average local temperature is minus 10 degree celius, but Andy is delighted as he post his recent working situation on his website, he used the title of Arabian Zhao Zilong as the title as he reveal his Zhao Zilong image for the first time.

In the movie, Andy will play a teenage Zhao Zilong till old, currently he was shooting with the image of his hair braided, wore a blue head band and with moustache drawn, this might be a middle-aged Zhao Zilong. As he was in Guazhou which is having heavy sandstorm, thus during breaks he will mask his face with a scraf and wore thermal wear. Andy even quipped his image as Arabian beauty. Location shooting in a desert, he had to withstand terrible weather, he pointed out that the crew members and director were all as tanned as African, but he cannot be tanned thus he had to become a masked swordsman.

In another post, Andy uploaded photographs of the heavy wind and snow on his last day of shooting at Dunhuang. He had to take a 3 hours car ride to the shooting venue, when he arrived, the venue was covered with snow, as the roads become inaccessible, the director feel that it's very dangerous and decided to call off the shooting, thus Andy had to take another 3 hours car ride back to his hotel. Along the way, the policemen gave him special care and he was not allowed to walk to prevent him from slipping on the snow. On his way back, the snow scene is back to normal, Andy describe it as witnessing the four season in one day which made him remember a song by Paula Tsui. The ever changing weather gave Andy a feeling as he said: "The weather is unexpected, if you was to encounter it, you just need to face it bravely."

Many fans whom had read his posts replied that they feel like laughing after seeing his Arabian Zhao Zilong photograph. One fan pointed out that Andy had lost weight, but it seems that the fans were delighted to see Andy smiling again.

news from: Wei Wen Po, Ming Pao, Apple Daily News