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| Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Sammi Cheng was interviewed by Commercial Radio yesterday, when asked about her best friend Andy Lau being chased by a crazy fan, she said that she always wanted to send a SMS message to Andy but does not know what to say but she believed that Andy would be able to handle the situation thus she decided to send her regards when she meet him.

She exclaimed: "Such matters makes one at a lost and innocent, if it happened to me, I would also not know how to handle, maybe I'll handle it the same way as Andy. There's always a bottom line for artist, for the crazy fan's behaviour, the fan should shoulder most of the responsibility."

Sammi added that she supported Andy for this matter and stand on his side, she said: "Need to scream out loud, to handle this matter alone or facing difficulties, it's a good thing to have more support."

news from: SingTao News