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| Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Taiwanese drama It Started with a Kiss allow Joe Cheng to become the idol of many Hong Kong teenage girls. Joe revealed that his idols are Andy Lau and Stephen Chow, he hope that he could collaborate with them, he said: "Earlier there was a fan whom presented flowers to him during his Mainland China concert, the fan was attack by security guard and Andy jumped off the stage to save the fan, I feel that he's super handsome, it's so touching, he's really my super idol."

Joe sounded like a young fan, Joe expressed that if he was to encounter such situation, he will follow what Andy had did to save the fan, sometimes when he saw crazy fans following him, he quipped: "I think it's funny and worrying, I'm afraid that they will fall down, but when I saw them walking in the opposite direction, it's rather funny!"

news from: Apple Daily News