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| Friday, February 01, 2008

With the Year of Mice round the corner, to welcome the "golden mice", Andy and both his sons duet a Chinese New Year song - Gong Xi Fa Cai Zi Yi Jia Ren and it will be included in his Andy Lau Wonderful World 2007 Hong Kong Live CD which will be released on 1 February 2008. In this festive Chinese New Year combine song, in the middle of the song, Andy suddenly said in Cantonese: "I representing the Ox family, hope everyone in this world would be happy and donate the red packets of my 2 sons for charity purposes." Andox then appeared surprised and said: "Why you have to do this?" Black Andox (Blackie) followed: "Mum, the red packet belong to me." Andy chatted and sang along with Andox and Blackie, they hope that this song will allowed everyone to have a happy, healthy Year of the Mice. However, Andy did tagged along his 2 sons Andox and Blackie in a series of photographs to wish everyone a Happy Chinese New Year in advance, there is also a specially made animation for this song which will be presented to the media.

Bidding goodbye to the Year of the Pig, incoming Year of Mice which happen to be Andy's most feared animal, when asked if he's afraid when heard of the year of mice? Andy burst into laughters and said: "I'm most afraid to see the look of mice, what's there to be afraid in the year of the mice? I'll work hard as usual, being kind hearted, every year will be good for me. I was anticipating the arrival of this year, because I could watch Olympic Games very soon. I want to seize the chance to wish everyone to be happy and healthy, the showbiz could get better."

Every year, Andy will took some festive photographs and produce them into red packets to be put on sale for members of Andy World Club for keepsake. This year, he allow his popular sons - Andox and Blackie as the main leads of the red packets, this allows Andy whom had just completed his concert to rest in advance, thus he need not go into the photo studio. Previously Andy whom was busy with his concert's rehearsal and unable to attend any of the music award ceremonies, he even sent his son Andox to collect the award on his behalf as he won 4 awards to become the biggest winner of the night, he finally understand and tell everybody: "Having a son is great." With his son being popular, a drink company wanted Andox to be the spokesman of their commercial, however the shooting period of the commercial happened to be at the same time of the Hong Kong concerts, thus had to give it up. However being popular is also a headache as Andy suddenly find out a post in his official website: "Stealing of Andy's creation and mis-use of Andox images in their products." This particular fan uploaded photographs of the products, he said that when his mum went to the supermarket to buy tibits, when he was about to open the packaging, he discover that the product has an image similar to Andox, thus he was so angry that he announce of his findings.

Andy always had a wish many years ago, that is creating a brand new Chinese New Year song for Chinese, three years ago he fulfilled his dream by releasing Gong Xi Fa Cai, as it become the highest ringtone downloads and downloading the song for 3 years in a row during the festive period. This song also become the most popular Chinese New Year song as it was played in many stores, restaurants and night markets.

This year Andy decided to bring along Andox and Blackie to duet a series of Chinese New Year songs into one which is 6 minutes long as it covers Mandarin and Cantonese Chinese New Year songs. Among them, Mandarin songs includes 'Gong Xi Fa Cai' and 'He Xin Nian', Cantonese includes 'Cai Sheng Dao' and 'Huan Le Nian Nian'.

news from: Sina.com