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| Monday, January 28, 2008

Asia's new heavenly king Gary Cao held the music video premiere of 'Wu Gu' which is also Super Sunshine Live Happy Party on 19 January.

Before the music video is screened, Rock Records and Hennessy prepared a special present for Gary as they have a VCR from international star Andy Lau. In the video, Andy whom had just completed his concerts lend his support to Gary as he said: "I really feel bad that I could not accommodate the timing, I remember that we befriend in Singapore and become good friends, many thanks for the accommodation with me in music, you're one that I've met recently that has the most talent and have a bright future, sighed that I could not come forward to congratulate you, hope your album will do well!"

After watching the video, other than being surprised, Gary is also very touched as Andy is his idol and he's delighted to be able to win the recognition of his idol.

news from: Sina.com