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| Saturday, August 09, 2008

The relationship between Andy Lau and his alleged girlfriend for 23 years seems to come into light slowly as currently a magazine reported that Andy did not went to Beijing to watch the Olympic Games alone as he brought his family and Carol Zhu Liqian along. On the cover of the magazine, there is a woman whom looked like Carol standing beside him, actually that person is just an ordinary fan.

The report stated that although Andy know that there would be many reporters at Beijing but his "girlfriend" would like to watch Malaysian badminton representative in contest, in addition to the relationship being an open secret, thus if got photographed by media would not be a problem thus he decided to bring her along. To prevent being noticed, Andy would keep a distance from Carol, or enter the venue to watch the contest at different timing. Currently, only Andy is spotted in Beijing and there is no sight of Carol.

With regards to this allegation, Andy would not answer this question and his assistant replied: "The girl on the magazine cover is like a fan of Andy."

Meanwhile during the rehearsal of the Olympic Games opening ceremony, Andy expressed that he would like to watch diving and 110 meters long hurdle, he quipped: "But I don't dare to watch 110 meters long hurdle, I'll be too nervous!"

news from: Ming Pao, Sina.com