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| Tuesday, August 05, 2008

The press conference Looking for a Star was held at Macao's MGM Grand last week, currently location shooting was carried out at the hotels in Macao. Both lead actors Andy Lau and Zhang Han Yu are past multiple Best Actors winners, it will be an exciting collaboration between them and director Andrew Lau.

Since the success of Andy's collaboration with Andrew in Infernal Affairs, they had become good friends, thus this collaboration is no surprise. With Zhang Han Yu joining the cast, one would be surprise of the inclusion of him. From our understanding, Andy had collaborated with Zhang Han Yu in World Without Thieves, they have a good relationship, thus Andy invited him to join the cast. Zhang who had won numerous recognition with The Assembly exclaimed that he's delighted to be able to collaborate with Andrew because he got to choose the character he like, the director also add more scenes for him. Andy whom had many scenes opposite Zhang also expressed that he felt pressurize when acting opposite Zhang.

Zhang whom is always a hard man in his previous films will be a devoted to love renovation worker in this film as he will have a love relationship with Denise Ho. The weather in Macao is currently humid thus it will be a challenge for the actors but the director Andrew had arranged most scenes to be shot inside hotels, thus the actors can enjoy their shooting. Zhang is the most tanned among the actors, no wonder Andy referred Zhang to be Justice Bao.

According to our understanding, the status of Andy and Zhang in the film is a major difference, so how they managed to meet each other and become good friends, when they face problems in love, they also encouraged each other to win the hearts of their lovers. It's not strange when Andy being a flirt character, but with Zhang as a devoted lover would be interesting, this would also be a challenge in acting for Zhang. It's believed his collaboration with Andy would bring out the best in him and make a breakthrough.

news from: Sina.com