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| Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Andy whom earlier expressed that he had bought the tickets for the Beijing Olympic Games opening ceremony but worried of problems when watching the ceremony among the audience, the problem seems to be resolved as he was spotted at Beijing Airport around 11:30 am on 5 August. With the Olympic Games just 3 days away, of course his purpose in Beijing is to watch the games.

He maintained a low profile trip to Beijing as he opted for the morning flight but still being spotted by the reporters whom were waiting at the airport to interview the arriving competitors from various countries. Some sharp eye sight reporters spotted a man wearing sunglasses walking out of the arrival gate of flights from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan with 4 bodyguards. With a closer look, it's Andy Lau walking out with his assistants.

Upon the spotting of Andy, crowd dash towards him, some requested for autographs, some requested for interviews, but Andy just waved his hands and walked away together with the bodyguards from the second storey to the fourth storey and board the waiting dark blue vehicle at the exit, he completely avoided the reporters within 3 minutes.

Some fans even followed him up the escalators.

Andy seems to be sweating as he unzipped his blazer when he board his vehicle to disperse the heat. He did not accept any interviews.

news from: Wei Wen Po, Ming Pao, QQ.com, Sina.com