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| Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Earlier Andy Lau and Shu Qi were in Macao for location shooting for the finale scene of Looking For A Star at Coloane's Dai Pai Dong, the scene is a happy ending for lovers Andy and Shu Qi as Andy took out the 6 carat diamond ring sponsored by Cartier to propose to Shu Qi.

Due to the hefty price tag of the ring, the crew member initially planned to give them the ring during the actual shooting, but both of them wanted to have the ring during rehearsal in order to get the feeling, the crew members had to obey their request.

Unexpectedly when the ring was passed to Andy and Shu Qi, they fight each other for the ring, Andy even tried to wear the ring on his thumb where the crew members burst into laughter, it anger director Andrew Lau as he shouted out: "When the ring goes missing, I will be using your fees to pay back to the sponsor."

Shu Qi immediately stopped playing and tell Andy: "Your fees is more than the cost of the ring, you can play with it because you can afford it, I could not afford." Andy rebuked: "You can afford it, don't lie. This ring is for female, does not suit me." Instead of fighting for the ring, they passed the ring to one another.

The shooting attracted more than 100 onlookers, even the dogs of the Dai Pai Dong came to join in the crowds as they would walked past the camera occasionally which is giving the crew members headaches, thus the director decided to postpone the shooting till midnight before resuming filming.

In addition, Denise Ho's parents also went to visit her in Macao. Filial Denise also seize the chance to tour her parents around Macao, she also brought them to the filming site and joined in the celebration party.

Andy sing praise of Denise being filial and a good actress which delights her parents.

news from: Apple Daily News, Ming Pao, Wei Wen Po, Sing Tao News, Sina.com