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| Friday, September 19, 2008

Andy Lau is the ambassador for CYMA Swiss watches for South-east Asia countries. For this season's advertisement, Andy wore a loose fitting purplish gray cotton sweater with T-shirt and khaki pants, sitting on a black leather sofa, enjoying his music. Putting heart to every details in work is what Andy expected of himself, this has always been his perseverance.

To many people, requirement and rigidity are like twins, it hard to draw a line between them. But Andy thinks that a slight off-balance of requirement and rigidity could lead to great problems. He says: "Blindly persevering is also a kind of rigidity, because nothing is perfect in this world." He recall himself as a singer, he says: "Many people will built their foundation of singing on techniques, when I first start singing till now, I also kept persevering on this, hope to gain the acceptance of audience. But after more than 10 years, I discover that I could not fulfill their requirements, then I feel like changing, I wanted to use my own feelings to move them. Today, I didn't blindly persevering on my singing techniques, but they accepted me. Because what the audiences wanted is a performance that they can acknowledge. Therefore, I feel that choosing the right thing then can be considered as perseverance, if not that is called rigidity."

Andy also added: "Every people will face different kinds of situation in their life, it's the same for experience, with different character, experience and feelings of the person, they will have different type of acceptance. Take the example of a cup half filled with water, some will be sad that they have a half filled glass of water, some would be happy that that they have a half filled glass of water, it's that simple."

news from: Ta Kung Po, Ming Pao, Wei Wen Po, Apple Daily News, yule.tom.com