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| Tuesday, September 23, 2008

So Wa-wai posted a message on Andy Lau's website yesterday, thanking the care and concern shown to him by his boss, he also thanked Andy for lending him his website, he wrote: "I wanted to thanks all those whom supported, his blog has a high hits, thus many people will read what I wrote here, I don't know how to talk or write, I even might have typo error, but my boss will surely do the correction for me."

On Andy's birthday party, So Wa-Wai kept saying thanks many times, he did not have ideal results from the first 2 competitions in the Paralympics Games, thus disappointed but he knew that many supporters specially jet over to Beijing to support him, which included Andy, this touched him as it made him wanted to win more, he said: "Luckily my mum is by my side, she told me not to think so much, nobody will blame me if I had given my best, finally I won the gold medal in the 200m sprint, initially I thought that I won't compete in Paralympics Games anymore, now I wish to compete in the 2010 Paralympics Games in London, many thanks to all once again."

news from: Wei Wen Po