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| Thursday, October 23, 2008

When Korean movie The Host opened in 2006, it broke several records, the box office collection was as high as $13 million, it also won several local awards, it can be considered as a great film in South Korea, its film investor had decided to shoot two sequels at the same time. The Korean version's shooting had already started in south Korea, at the same time, Mainland China director whom director whom directed Crazy Stone had started discussing with the film company for a collaboration and start the shooting of The Host 2 China Version. The film company wanted to shoot a China version for the audience of Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, thus it decide to forgo the Korean version male lead Song Kang-ho and opt for Andy Lau.

In recent years, Korean movie industry is suffering a downturn, in order to save the industry, the movie company decided to try out collaborating with film companies in Hong Kong and Mainland China, in hope to revive the industry. With the Host 2 as their first try, they hope the Chinese audience love to films of scientific elements can be a successful one. For the Chinese market, the story of The Host 2 will be based in Mainland China, director Ning Hao once thought of using the same sighting of the first film's monster in the Han River, part of the special effects will be passed to experts in Hong Kong and New Zealand. In this new film, the Han River monster will be spotted in a tourist spot in Mainland China, tourist Andy whom brought his family members there will meet up with the monster whom hurt his family members, thus Andy will try all means to kill the monster. The production fee of the movie is expected to be around US$12 million, the production will be handled by Ning Hao's company, other than Andy in the cast, several others actors from Mainland China and South Korea will also be added.

When reporters called Ning Hao to rectify this news, he answered in a long-distance call: "Correct, I'm indeed collaborating with the Korean film company to shoot this monster film, I've intention of casting Andy Lau in this film, but currently it's still early, if he wish to take part in this project, I'll be delighted, as we're still in the initial stage for this film, I can't reveal any more details." When asked if he will go to Xinjiang with Andy to shoot another movie, Ning Hao avoid the question as he replied: "This film is still in the process of being approved in China, thus I cannot say anything about it."

Ever since Andy invested in Ning Hao's Crazy Stone, they had become good friends, although Ning Hao's films are not expensive productions, but with a good script, Andy is willing to lower his asking fees to be cast in them, he also wanted to help out with new directors. With a huge branding in The Host 2, Andy would be interested when invited by Ning Hao, but he's a busy man with a tight schedule, it would not be easy to allocate a slot. When reporter contacted Andy's representatives on this matter, there is no reply from them till press time.

While Andy is in the midst of being cast in The Host 2, his A Moment of Romance will be re-shoot by the Koreans. It will be a collaboration between South Korea, Mainland China and Hong Kong, it will be directed by The Perfect Couple's Kim Jung-woo, the cast had yet been decided. The film distributor hoped that Jay Chou would be involved in the movie's soundtrack album, a press conference in Hong Kong is planned next month where Kim Jung-woo and others will attend, the original cast of A Moment of Romance Andy and Jacquelline Wu are also scheduled to attend to show their support. When the cast is decided, another press conference will be held in South Korea.

news from: Apple Daily News

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