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| Friday, December 19, 2008

Andy Lau has become a "mother"! This piece of news made everybody's eyes wide open, how would the handsome Andy become a mother? With regards to this, Andy said: "Indeed I've become a mother, I have 2 sons in Andox and Blackie."

Andy allowed his 2 sons to address him as "mother", because they are really "gave birth" by him. Andox is created during the planning of the album A Miracle World, during the location shooting of Three Kingdom - Resurrection of the Dragon in Gansu, he spend the whole day and "gave birth" to Andox. From this he manage to experience the feeling of being a mother. Meanwhile, Andox also become a perfect Mother's Day present for his mother.

On 28 December, Andy will be bringing his 2 sons Andox and Blackie into Mainland China to sign up a showbiz contract to a Mainland China company, there will be a grand contract signing ceremony, he will then officially announce his 2 sons to the Chinese fans and media, what a hardworking mother of an artiste. This press conference will also be Andox and Blackie first performance in Mainland China, Beijing's Happy Valley OCT Theater will cater to 1000 fans, the organizer keep everyone in suspense by not announcing the program. Andy only said that Andox and Blackie will show off that they're star and idol material. So what made them to be a real idol, how Andox and Blackie going to show off their true potential, Andy asked everyone to wait and see!

news from: CCTV.com