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| Sunday, December 14, 2008

On the final night of Andy Lau Singapore Wonderful World Tour, Carol Zhu Liqian brought her family member to support, a boy and girl that resemble Andy were revealed for the first time!

Since Carol went to support Andy at the Hong Kong Coliseum earlier this year, she appeared once again last night when she was spotted at Singapore's Wonderful World Tour 2008 second night concert, she was arranged to be seated at the first row where she was spotted by fans!

All these years Andy had been avoiding any discussion on his love life, recently he had been constantly talking about girlfriend and getting married, it seems that he had intention of revealing his underground love relationship, on the first night concert he talked about marriage, as 7000 fan urged him to get married.

Last night, Carol was spotted in Singapore and she brought her family member along to support Andy. What's eye catching is the boy and girl beside her, this is the second time with children since 2001 when she held the hands of a little girl while shopping.

According to fans, the little girl resemble Carol is around 6-7 years old, throughout the concert, the little girl had been running around, she either sit by the side of Carol or run to the seat at the back row. The boy who is around 5-6 years old was sitting with Carol's relative, he sit quietly throughout the concert. Some fans think that Andy could be the father of the children, whether its true or false, Andy would have the perfect answer.

news from: china press