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| Thursday, December 18, 2008

Andy Lau and Charlene Choi attended TVB Weekly's 2008 Strongest Popularity Brands Awards prize presentation ceremony yesterday as they were presented Strongest Popularity Commercial Heavenly King and Queen. Both of them exclaimed that commericals are not their main job. Wong Cho Lam was presented Strongest Popularity Commercial New King. The other artistes that attended the event included Kowk Chun On, Fennie Yuen, Lee Hong Kum, Lokyi Lai and the pregnant Claire Yiu.

After attending the ceremony, Andy need to rush off to catch his flight to America for a shooting of a car commercial, indeed he is commercial heavenly king as he admitted that the earning of a commercial is more than he earned from a movie and singing, because the production fee of concert world tour is high thus it won't earn much money.

Andy said that whenever he was offered a commercial, he would have a detailed understanding of the brand and the commercial content. He always loved commercials of cars and watches. Andy added: "I still have a huge space to venture into, commercial is not my main job, acting and singing are, commercial is just my side job."

Having shot so many different commercials, Andy exclaimed that he would like to shoot beauty commercial as he would able to get free facial. He's scared of commercial that would require him to bare his chest to show off his figure thus he had rejected several body building and weight management commercials. He said: "I always have reservations of weight management medicine, these medicine will have side effects on human, it normally take 10 years of testings. Another is body building, because such commercial would require me to take off my clothes to show off my muscles, although I don;t wear so much during my concerts but asking me to stand there to take photographs, I will have a strange feeling, I can't do this."

The organizer sing praise of Andy ability to be the spokesman for a product for so many years, he's being tagged as a long loving commercial artiste.He quipped: "Few artiste will be like me to be so long loving, currently I've six commericals that I've collaborated with them for a long time, there will be new commercial every year. The Mainland China shampoo and car commercial to be shot in America are new."

Andy also pointed out that commercial companies are steady thus they are not affected by the financial tsunami. On the other side, he's not sure if he's the artiste that earned the most money, he will take it the same way as shooting movie, to win you must have "tight schedule" and "many". Having accepting so many commercials recently, he would accumulate an impressive 8-figure earning. He said: "Actually being an artiste, we are always doing commercial of ourselves."

Andy will go to America for 7 days of location shooting for a commerical directed by Andrew Lau, when asked if his fees are heavenly price, Andy quipped: "Nope, of course I will be paid more for staying in America for 7 days, this is normal. (Winning the Commercial Heavenly King award would make you happier when compared to winning the Best Male Singer?) Nope, I'm happy when winning any award."

Andy revealed that he will be location shooting in Beijing thus he will be absent for the year end music awards ceremonies, he deny that he had started not to treat awards so importantly, he said: "It's the same attitude, due to work I'll not be in Hong Kong, if you're absent in Hong Kong music awards ceremonies, there will be no awards for you, thus it become a worry, I don't even attend the seasonal selections, thus my songs are not nominated, if I can win the Most Popular Male Singer award without any songs nominated, I'll also feel bad, anyway I'm sad to say that I could not attend any ceremony due to filming commitments. (So now you're looking forward to money or awards?) Nope, it will be good if I have awards without attending, but I would not be so calculative as in I'll be winning how many awards before deciding whether to attend the ceremony, I'll still join in for the occasion."

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