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| Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The second Mainland China Showbiz Celebrities Commerical Valuation Report was released yesterday, this report ranked the celebrities according to how much the public love him, how much the public trust him, the public's standard anticipation of him, together with his past income and popularity, combining with the earlier released public image satisfaction of celebrities. For his hardworking, Andy Lau is top of the report with 92.47 points, becoming the highest valued among 700 celebrities.

At number 2 is "new heavenly king" Jay Chou at 91.19, followed by Jackie Chan with 89.76 and Jet Li at fourth with 89.21, followed behind are Zhang Ziyi (88.78), Vicky Zhao Wei (88.65), Chen Daoming (88.30), Leon Lai (87.94), Sun Hong Lei (87.80) and Maggie Cheung at number 10.

From the top 10, we can see that male celebrities seems to have higher value than female celebrities as male celebrities occupied 7 positions and top 5 for the top 10.

news from: Ta Kung Po, Sing Pao