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| Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day to all, Andy Lau joined East Asia in 2007, his first album from the record company will be released on Valentine's Day. Although the poor economy, the quality of Andy is still unstoppable! The first order of the album had already reached platinum numbers, some retailers which got their stocks in the morning had already re-order for more stocks in the evening, even the record company is surprised of such results.

Cantonese album Love.Hope is Andy's first album under East Asia, other than spending millions in producing the album, it also invested millions in promoting the album. Andy is everywhere in the streets of Hong Kong, on buses, TV, radio stations, newspapers, the huge LCD screen of nine huge shopping mall will be broadcasting the music video for promotion.

There are even Andy's banner in Whampoa because the record company will be closing the whole street with a view of the yachts to host a large scale autograph session.

With regards to the huge amount of money spent on this album, Andy was asked if he was pressurized. He quipped that of course he's suffering from some pressure as the economy is not doing well now, in addition to illegal file downloading being so common, hard to earn money in music album, the total sales of a singer's album in Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan won't add up to the millions of copies I managed to sell in the past.

He's happy of the results he's getting now, delighted just by hearing the order numbers from the record company, he hope every fans will support this album and buy original!

Came together with the album, there is a 30 pages photo album, Andy said that all photographs were shot on location in Thailand: "All the photos are exciting, you will know when you bought it! They asked me to climb high, I'll climb high; asked me to go into the water, I'll go into the water; asked me to somersault, fly into mid-air, support myself with one hand, I think I did all movements.... hope everyone will like it, I thought I've done more actions when compared to shooting a 'wu xia' film.... haha! When the photographer asked me to fly, I really flew, asked me to raise myself then I really raise myself, even the photographer was shocked until he forget to press the shutter button!"

Today is Valentine's Day, many people would be wondering how Andy is going to spend it? Andy quipped: "You'll know when you watch TV! I will spend Valentine's Day with a female host...someone lend me a yacht worth $90000,000 in order for to experience the experience of a wealthy male wooing female, haha, it's a relaxing dat, it's very comfortable out in the sea.... "

Normally a thrifty Andy but was said to be rich, but he never bought any branded cars, yacht, jet plane, when asked when Andy will buy a yacht for himself and bring his lover out into the sea? Andy shouted out: "It cost $90000,000! You think it's worth $9000? I can't afford it! (You're so rich and you said you can't afford it?) Even if I afford it, I won't be buying it! I think it does not need to be out in a yacht in order to be romantic, now I share one secret with all man, you need not worry that woman don't love you because you're poor, most importantly is that you must have the heart and do what you promised!"

news from: ent.QQ.com