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| Friday, February 20, 2009

Andy Lau latest hit song I Wish has become the promotional clip song of Neway Karaoke Box, it will be shown on TV in the golden time slot from next Monday, Neway official website will post a special edited 90 seconds making of the clip.

In addition, Andy's Look For A Star which will be screened in Taiwan in March was reported by the media and film critics that the story background came from Taiwan's tycoon Terry Gou Tai-Ming and his second wife Delia Tseng which attracted the local audience's attention. It was said that Shu Qi's character who love dancing is the same as Delia, similar from a normal family and meet a rich man, married into the rich family and resulted in properties distributing problems, thus the background is rather high.

news from: Sina.com, Sing Tao News