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| Sunday, December 19, 2004

Andy Lau whom was crowned Best Actor at this year's Golden Horse Films Awards is still actively doing charity works. For this afternoon's Disabled Creative Youngster Award Ceremony, Andy specially jet to Taiwan last night. After the ceremony, Andy immediately took a flight back to Hong Kong. When asked how many times he's flying between Taiwan and Hong Kong this month, he replied that he had lost count.

Dressed in casual jean coat and pants, he' s full of smile. For charity activity, he specially arrived in Taiwan, at the ceremony, he show off his charisma as he sing and present award, he also has close contact with children from Cultural and Educational Foundation for the Blind.

Wherever he goes, fans will follow him, when he step out of the main door Red Theatre, he was rounded by fans, however Andy still leave his hand-print for the Cultural and Educational Foundation for the Blind and also show off ceramic figure of himself.

Andy says: "I never done this before, I slowly piece it up, I look at the mirror to look at myself." The reporter quipped: "I think it look like you, but it look slimmer, slimmer than myself."

As his movie, A World Without Thieves will be screened during Christmas which will be the same as Stephen Chow's Kungfu Hustle, when asked if he had confidence in the box office takings, he modestly answers that he has no confidence. Andy says: "In recent years, none of my movies do well in Taiwan, so everybody sees, I'm really working hard."

After the interview, Andy immediately board his car and head for the airport to catch his flight to Hong Kong. A short stay in Taiwan for less than 24 hours for charity, this shows that Andy has a caring heart.

news from: TVBS, ETToday