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| Sunday, January 30, 2005

Andy Lau attended a RTHK Chinese New Year programme - You're a Superman - Gong Xi Fa Cai Liu Nian Xing Da Yun recording where there was close to 100 audience. Guests invited were Ellis Tang, Cheung Wing Hong and Lam Kar Tong whom arrived toward the end of the show. The final segment of the show has Andy and Cheung duet the song 'Ben Xiao Hai'.

In between, the radio station arranged question-and-answer segment, where Andy ask the questions prepared by the radio station and correct answer from the audience will win a prize. When the compere asked what does man fear most, a 6-years-old girl immediately answer: "Curry Chicken" as Andy seize the chance to crack a joke out of an allegation, he says: "No, Guo Jingjing has curry chicken first(earlier Guo Jingjing was in Hong Kong and was spotted with love bite on her neck)" The audience burst into laughters upon hearing this remark. When Andy ask the girl if she wants to be his girlfriend, the shy girl immediately lend to her mother.

The compere follow asking: "What sort of chicken tim sum use flour to make?", however nobody gave an answer, in the end the compere revealed the correct answer to be malay chicken. However, Andy is doubtful of the answer as he says: "I think the answer should be malay cake, he wrote that answer. Actually, if there's really mistake with the answers, I hope he admit it."

Andy also reveal that he will start shooting for a new movie as he play a character whom grow up 10 years every day, thus he needs 7 days to complete his life span, the character's age range from 13-years-old to 83-years-old. Felix Wong whom started showbiz together with Andy will play his father. Andy express that several actress was told that their role is Andy's mother, they immediately reject the offer, but finally one actress took up the offer. He says: "After some difficulties, we manage to find an actress willing to take up the role, but I won't reveal which actress reject our offer."

As the character's age ranges from 13-years-old to 83-years-old, which is a challenge to Andy's acting as he is very interested in the movie as it has a refreshing topic but the only problems lies with makeup as in Running On Karma where the makeup result him getting skin infection and the feeling is terrible.

Andy's movie company will start shooting 6 movies casting Ellis and Cheung in them but details will be revealed during the International Movie Festival promotion. Andy will not be cast in the movies but he'll cameo if there are suitable roles. Andy exclaimed: "My fees are too high, scared it'll affect the production fees, but I'll be the producer."

In addition, there was a scene in A World Without Thieves where remarks made on postage is not relevant and thus the Mainland China's post office is seeking immediate stoppage of such misunderstanding promotion of their service or they will file a lawsuit. With regards to this matter, Andy replies: "I'm not too sure of this matter, if there's really a problem, we will try to discuss about it."

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