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| Friday, January 28, 2005

God of Song Sam Hui had being friends with Andy Lau for many years, although both superstars kept in touch with each other but seldom collaborate. Under the arrangement of TVB, both of them will jam songs together in a variety show, in order to bring some refreshing feel to the audience.

Sam's 2005 God of Song Chinese New Year Carnival will be held on Chinese New Year Eve at the Hong Kong Coliesum. In order for the concert to be successful, TVB specially prepared a God Of Song Best Wishes to You 2005 variety show. Sam personally invited Andy as special guest as he knows Andy loved his song - 'Tou Fu Qiao Hua Sheng Qi', both of them will jam this song in the program as they sing and play the song together.

After the duet, Sam will give his precious guitar to Andy as present. Sam described the guitar accompanied him through showbiz for many years thus it is precious to him and highly collectible item. He also guided Andy to play 'Lang Zhi Xing Sheng' using the guitar. A delighted Andy gave Sam a personally written greeting card wishing him success in his upcoming performance.

news from: Sun News, Wei Wen Po, MingPao