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| Friday, January 28, 2005

Andy Lau and Tony Leung had been fighting each other for the Best Actor award in movie awards ceremonies several time, they meet each other again in the upcoming 10th Golden Bauhinina Awards, Andy has the confidence to be crowned Best Actor.

Andy was interviewed in Metro radio station when promoting his new song and he wrote a Chun Lian on the spot as present for the radio station and won the deejays praise.

Andy was nominated with his movie A World Without Thieves, whereas his "arch-enemy" is also in the nomination list. Andy exclaimed that both their movies will get nominated in different movie award ceremonies every year, therefore they have many chances to meet each other but he don't consider Tony as his enemy. He says: "How many movie award ceremonies in Hong Kong are there? When the Hong Kong Film Critics Association announce the nomination list, I'm not qualified for the Hong Kong Films Awards, able to qualify for the Golden Bauhinina Awards, I've confidence of winning. (Taking the other nominees lightly?) Nope! Everyone are strong as 5 of us are of different type of actor in different type of movies." With regards to the Best Actress award, he express that he yet to watch Josie Ho's Butterfly, thus he reserve his comment.

When asked about House of Flying Daggers winning a Cinematography nomination in the 77th Academy Awards, Andy says: "The producers are a bit disappointed as they failed to be nominated for the Foreign Language Film, but they hope they can win with their single shot!"

When talked about Nicholas Tse singing praise of his new song - 'Gong Xi Fai Cai' sounds better and has the Chinese favour to gain some market share in China than the duet - 'Ba Xing Bao Xi He He Xi' in a radio station interview, Andy whom heard about it said: "No matter how many people are there, if only can bring out the happiness will do, I chose to sing in Mandarin is for Hongkongers and people in other countries able to listen." Andy added: "Initially I thought of changing the lyrics of 'Cai Sheng Dao' to 'Liu Hua Dao! Liu Hua Dao! Hao Xin De Hao Bao', but due to time constraint, I couldn't use the song as Crossover style of singing."

When talked about Tian Liang being kicked out of China's national diving team for allowing 'commercial activities' to interfere with his training, he says: "I was surprised when I heard this news, feel that he still has few good years left in him and could maintain his standard, still have chance, doen't need to give him 'death sentence' straight away, it's still early with the 2008 Olympic some years away." Andy could only use the word pity as description. Andy exlcaimed that if he really sign up diving queen Fu Mingxia then as an artiste, when she about to sign the contract with me, she made another choice of getting married, Andy sighs: "One should plan for the future, must first understand the situation."

In addition, Law Kar Ying was diagnose with cancer which Andy was told days before the news broke out as his friend dine with Law and know that it isn't a big problem. When asked if he tries to console him personally, he express: "I doesn't know how to say in this situation, but I've entrust my friend to send regards to him, how brother Law can full recover soon."

news from: SingTao News, Wei Wen Po, Ta Kung Po, Sun News, Ming Pao