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| Thursday, January 27, 2005

The annual CCTV variety show on the Chinese New Year's Eve will be broadcast in four languages and feature many celebrities including Liu Xiang, who won the gold medal for men's 110 meters hurdles at the Athens Olympics. These remarks were made last Saturday by Lang Kun, the chief director of the show, on the CCTV's official Web site, where some details of the gala were disclosed.

The show, for the first time, will be aired through CCTV's Channel One, Channel Four, Channel Nine and Channel 16 in Chinese, English, Spanish and French. Channel One and Channel Four will mainly use Chinese to broadcast the show, according to Xi Hong, one of the designers of the show.

Language experts in English, Spanish and French will be employed to help with translation and overseas publishing of the show. While Chinese language will be transmitted in sound signals, the three other languages will be sent as subtitles.

Celebrities expected to show up for the gala include kung fu star Jackie Chan and his son Jaycee. Since they have different performance styles, the directors have decided they will perform separately.

Other celebrities includes Andy Lau, Joey Yung from Hong Kong and Jolin Tsai from Taiwan will each sing a song at the show.

For the show, Andy had wrote a new song titled 'Gong Xi Fai Cai' as he'll be singing with 2 adorable robots to send his best wishes to the audience. The robots which are shorter than Andy will not be dressed up, instead they'll dance to the beat of Andy's new song. Although it'll be just simple movements but this is just another way of sending best wishes to everybody through humanity and new technology.

news from: Shenzhen Daily, Sina.com