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| Saturday, January 29, 2005

Andy Lau was interviewed at Commercial Radio yesterday as he revealed that as usaul he'll be busy in this year's Chinese New Year but he'll still find time to have reunion dinner with his family on 28th of the lunar calendar, then he'll set off to Beijing to attend gala show before back to Hong Kong on the first day of the new year to welcome the God of Fortune, he joked that he's the main financial provider of the family, thus he had to hold the ceremony.

The other performers of the gala includes Joey Yung, Jackie Chan and his son Jaycee. Andy will perform with 2 robots dancers sponsered by the sponsers. He had met up with the robots through television and Internet, he was surprised that the robots know how to play golf!

Andy quipped that he doesn't intend to pit his dancing skills with the robots but will allow the robots to perform to its full potential. He's delighted to be able to perform with robots on the same stage and hope to take a photograph with them. Andy doesn't intend to buy one of the robots hom as he won't be any usage to him, he understand the development of technology as a small chip can contain many information but the best is still the human cell as scientist started to do research on beetles' brain cell, therfore scenario as in the movie A.I Artificial Intelligence will come true very soon.

Andy exclaimed that he doesn't hope that comupter techonology be too advanced as he quoted ICQ as example as it has made the interpersonal relationship lacking in sincerity and responsibility. He also once heard one news that several companies collaborated to design and manufacture a computer which is capable to answer questions, when the question of if there is God in this world is asked, the computer answer is: "I am!" which is terrifying.

In addition, Taiwan radio station Hit Fm will transform Andy into the God of Fortune as he'll give away NT$10,000 in cash each day from Chinese New Year Eve to the 4th day of the new year. The reason is that Andy's new song - 'Gong Xi Fa Cai' has a strong festive feel and was chosen as the theme song for the segment. Hit Fm express that last year had been a good and lucky year for Andy as he won many awards and even bagged the Best Actor award in Golden Horse Film Awards, therefore the radio station hope to broadcast this song and bring luck to its listeners.

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