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| Tuesday, January 25, 2005

The annual event of Hong Kong movie industry, organised by Hong Kong Film Critics Association, the 10th Golden Bauhinina Awards will be held on 6 March. The nomination list and Top 10 Chinese and Foreign Movies were revealed yesterday. Among them, Stephen Chow's Kungfu Hustle garned 6 nominations followed by Tony Leung and Zhang Ziyi's 2046 and Cecilia Cheung and Daniel Wu's One Night in Mongkok with 5 nominations, meanwhile andy Lau and Rene Liu's A World Without Thieves and Sylvia Chang's 20 30 40 garned 4 nominations each.

The most focused nominations are the Best Actor and Actress award, it includes Tony Leung (2046), Andy Lau (AWWT), Stephen Chow (Kungfu Hustle), Daniel Wu (ANIM) and Jackie Chan (New Police Story). Daniel and Jackie collaborate in New Police Story but will vye for the Best Actor award together, however Daniel also earned himself a Best Supporting Actor nomination. Although Stephen's role in Kungful Hustle is not much but he still stand the chance to vye for the Best Actor award.

It's also stiff competition in the Best Actress with Sylvia (20 30 40), Cecilia (ANIM), Rene (AWWT) and first time nominees Josie Ho (Butterfly) and Gillian Chung (Beyond Our Ken).

In Best Director, it includes Derek Yee (ANIM), Wong Kar Wai (2046), Stephen (Kungful Hustle), Feng Xiaogang (AWWT) and Pang Ho Cheung (BOK).

Stephen whom is in America promoting Kungful Hustle expressed that he was excited with 6 nomination, he says: "Of course I'm delighted, this is the result of 3 years of hardwork, more nomination is the return of recognition of my hardowork. (Any confidence?) I never thought of winning any award since I started acting, I only want the audience to like it, the others will leave to the judges. (Vying the award with Andy and Tony?) I can't comment on my own acting, I also yet to watch the other nominated movies, I think you're a good actor once u could win a nomination, everyone is of equal potential."

Meanwhile, AWWT and House of Flying Daggers were in the Top 10 Chinese Movie.

news from: SingTao News, MingPao