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| Monday, January 24, 2005

Andy Lau whom recently won major awards in several music award ceremonies held an autograph session for his Vision Tour 2004 Concert DVD in the busy streets of Mongkok yesterday as it attracted thousands of citizens of all age group, 30 security guards and 30 policemen were deployed to maintain order. Unexpectedly there was a black foreigner fan named Vita among the crowd, although he doesn't understand Cantonese but he feel that Andy's music is very good.

The organiser arranged 800 coupons to be distributed to fans for queuing, but due to it being holiday, more than thousands were present which jam packed Sai Yeung Choi Street. Upon arrival, Andy was asked if he feel that his fans were too enthusiastic, he says: "I'm so excited to see so many people supported me, I did held similiar event here during the SARS period, the order is controlled, therefore I'm no in the police's black list. I hope they can retain their enthusiasm and maintain their orderly as I wish to finish autographing everybody's DVD!"

Due to his earlier lawsuit, there are 2 songs which could not be included in his concert CD, when asked if he had considered to release a second edition, he says: "I don't think so, it'll be unfair for those whom bought the first edition, I should include it free in my next album!" Before the autograph session starts, Andy take time to take photographs with the fans as he pleas fans to maintain order and also wishing them a happy new year.

It's heard that the first male fan in the queue start queuing as early as the afternoon, among the crowd, there is daughter riding on father's back but the most attention garbbing is a black foreigner fan named Vita whom asked his girlfriend along was discovered.

When it was Vita's turn, Andy shake hands and take the initiative to chat with him, in act of appreciation he also agreed to his girlfriend request for a hug. Andy also introduce himself and pointed out that he had being in showbiz for many years. Vita expressed that he was in Hong Kong for a mere 5 months, although he doesn't understand the meaning of the lyrics as he fall in love with Andy's music under the influence of his girlfriend but he did ask his friends and girlfriend the meaning, he also feel that Andy's music is very touching. The other fans also seize the chance to give Andy bird nest, green tea and red packets to him.

Andy quipped that maybe he had a poster where he resemble a black with his Hip Hop dressing hanging on the Eastern Harbour Tunnel, thus it even attracted a black fans which touches him and boost his confidence to venture into international market.

Andy expressed that the DVD was to be released at the end of last year but concide with the tsunami, he arranged to finish all charity activities and delayed it for 3 weeks. It's heard that the first batch of his 300,000 DVD is sold out in Hong Kong and Mainland China, he expressed: "It's like a good return for kind heart!" He added that after he watched the RTHK music award broadcast on TV last night, he remember the time of his last year's concert, and feel that the concert help very much of his year end results.

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