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| Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Miss Chinese International Pageant will be held soon, as the 22 contestants met the judges for the first time in a press conference yesterday. Among the contestants, number 3 from San Francisco and number 14 from Brisbane were most eye catching with their low bust-line dress. Although facing the sexy dressed ladies, one of the judges Andy Lau clarify exclaimed that he support Hong Kong as he favour Hong Kong representative Kate Tsui Tsz Shan.

The Miss Chinese International Pageant will be held this Saturday at Tseung Kwun O TV city, Andy, Cecilia Yip and other judges met up with the 22 contestants for the first time. When asked if Andy will relax on Hong Kong representative and gave her higher points? Andy said frankly: "Of course I'll relax, supporting Hong Kong mah! (As all knows that you like girls with long hair, will there be bonus points for long hair or voluptuous contestants?) Big doesn't means bonus points, most important is the figure is proportional." Andy then joked that he'll add more points for those whom are older. When told that the average age of the contestants are 25-years-old, he exclaim: "No wonder I was asked to be the judge!"

Andy was once a judge for beauty pageant many years ago, but it was since a long time ago thus he doesn't remember the details, when he was young, he tends to focus on the outlook but now he had mature and will focus on depth and friendliness. The organiser will arranged the contestants to get in contact with the judges in a later activity, Andy was told that he could chat with each contestants for 20 minutes but with no fixed topic.

With regards to critics that number 16 Taipei's representative is not pretty enough, Andy quipped: "The critics should review their comments."

Andy added that although the 40% of total points replied on the organiser and 60% reply on the judges. When asked which country's woman that he found to have the most beauties, Andy feel that there are many beauties in India due to their sharp features and thick eye brows therefore everyone seems to be a beauty.

From his remarks, it seems that 25-years old Kate fulfill Andy's requirement, thus will gain advantage. When told, a surprise Kate rebulked that what's the meaning of getting higher points as she feel that the judges are fair but she thanks Andy's support. When asked if she feel that it'll be unfair to other contestants? She hesitate awhile before replying: "I eblieve the organiser is fair, all ladies has equal chance."

news from: SingTao News, Wei Wen Po, Ta Kung Pao