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| Friday, January 21, 2005

Hacken Lee came out top against Andy Lau for winning the Best Male Singer award in previous night's 27th RTHK Top 10 Mandarin Hits Awards. Hacken expressed that he was surprised as it was his first present in 2005. With regarding to him winning the Country's Most Popular Male Singer Bronze award while Andy won the Gold award, Hacken says: "This proves that I've still some distance to make up to Andy, I'll listen to him and not just focus on the Hong Kong market, hope I can release a Mandarin album this year!"

When reporters rushed Hacken into marriage, he tried to avoid the question as he quipped that told secret about his marriage to Andy.

However, when reporters approached Andy asking about the "marriage secret", a surprised Andy said: "How would I know, wait till I ask him first!" Both then whisper to each other and Andy exclaimed: "I know already! Whatever to tell is still my choice!" Andy quipped that if Hacken were to get married, he will help him to announce to the media, he joked: "In order to prove that I'm not married, he should ask me to be his best man."

Andy doesn't mind losing out on the Media Award and the Best Male Singer award as he's just happy for the winner. With regards to zero awards in Commercial Radio's music award which result him to miss out on the Media Award, he says: "It's okay that I don't win it this year, it gave me space for improvement! (Is the result expected?) Which award ceremonies' result is expected. But this is not important, I believe I can move the other party with my sincerity, one day they'll present an award to me." However, Andy exclaimed that he'll challenge Hacken for the Singer-Composer award, he quipped: "If he has no space for the award, I've space for it."

news from: Oriental Daily News, Sun News, Wei Wen Po, SingTao News, Ta Kung Pao, Ming Pao, SingPao