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| Saturday, January 01, 2005

Into the new year, Andy Lau wishes everyone a shinning year! World Outstanding Youth Andy hope that in the new year, the Hong Kong economy will continue to escalate, a shinning music industry and say goodbye to unhappiness!

The past year can be considered to be a collection of bad incidents which several artistes get themselves involved with drugs and several mentors and friends passed away, but it could be considered a fruitful year for Andy. Often tagged as 'tie ren', since being award World Outstanding Youth three years ago, the awards that he won these years made him into the Guiness World Records.

For the past year, he had won 30 awards which includes Best Actor in Hong Kong Films Awards and Golden Horse Films Awards, it can be considered as outstanding. After winning numerous awards, Andy expressed that the number of awards is not important but he focus on the meaning behind each award.

When asked of which award he craves to win, he quipped: "When I was holidaying a few years ago, I made an Oscar statuette in the tourist zone for fun, however I lost it. Recently, a friend made another for me, therfore I made Oscar as my next aim."

news from: Sun News