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| Saturday, December 25, 2004

Previous night is Christmas Eve, Andy Lau appear at Tsim Sha Tsui's countdown activity, he made his appearance from a 30 inches tall platform to countdown with 50,000 citizens to welcome Christmas! Due to the strong wind blowing on the tall platform, Andy was a little bit scared!

Andy attended the Christmas Street Party who made his apperance in a platform dropped from the 30 inches tall bridge on Canton Road and sing along It's a Small World with the present 50,000 citizens! Standing on the platform performing and receiving the audiences' cheering, some male fans shouted "I Love You!" while some female fans shouted when they're excited after seeing Andy. Seeing the sea of people on the platform, Andy says: "Seeing so mnay people supporting me, I'm so touched!" He quipped that his heart is pumping fast while standing on the platform: "Initially my colleague wanted to help me buy a 8-figure insurance, I asked him when will I used it? But after being blowed and was shaky on the platform, I think the insurance figure is not enough!"

Andy report his result upon his appearance: "Won The Hong Kong Films Awards at the beginning of the year, sell-out concerts, great concert tour in Mainland China, even manage to win in Golden Horse Film Awards! I always wanted to thanked all of you, I can do it today! From all your eyes, you're proud that Hong Kong has Andy Lau!" In addition, Andy invite his good friend Wong Yat Wah to perform, when he saw his wife among the audience, he shouted: "Wife ah!" Unexpectedly, Andy immediately deny that he himself is married and even quipped that he'll select his girlfriend among the audience which result screams in return. Wong exclaimed that Andy had help him cut a new hair style, Andy then quipped that both of them could collaborate to open a salon named Twins Wah Salon. Before the countdown, Andy immediately step onto the platform to be raised to the sky and use his camera to take down the historic moment and lead everyone to sing It's a Small World!

Some of the audience donated teddy bear in exchange for tickets, earlier Andy and Athens 2004 Paralympic Games gold medallist So Wah Wai become Santa Claus as they went to John F Kennedy Centre to distribute the teddy bears and played games with the disabled children. In addition, with regards to fans unhappy that Yu Ke Xin publishing her own book and made use of Andy for promotion as they had asked newspapers not to report on the matter, Andy expressed that he knew nothing about it.

news from: Sun News, Ta Kung Po, Oriental Daily News, Apple Daily News