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| Wednesday, December 22, 2004

TVB's Jade Solid Gold Music Awards Ceremony will be held on 8 Jan 2005, a live voting was held 3 nights ago for singers to vote for their Most Popular Male and Female Singer in mind. Andy Hui whom had lost out in the voting to Hacken seize the chance to walk past him while he's singing to snatch a camera shot of himself.

Although Gigi Leung also didn't make into the top 3 of the voting for the female singer, but she doesn't mind and even sing praise on 2nd place Denise Ho: "I've no confidence of winning, I just want to be a friendly lady."

During the group-phototaking session, Andy Lau leave the male singers group and went to stand at the last row of the female singers, unexpectedly Gigi was standing beside him, she says: "I'm not worried that people will say that I'm trying to snatch a camera shot, I'm so tall and was asked to stand in the last row!"

news from: Sun News