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| Tuesday, December 21, 2004

After 2 weeks of screening in Mainland China, the movie - World Without Thieves box office collection exceeded $8000,000 which broke the $5000,000 previous record of director Feng Xiaogang's Cellphone. With the impressive record, director Feng gathers all the casts in Beijing for a record-breaking champagne ceremony. Andy Lau specially changed his schedule to rush to Beijing to join the ceremony before rushing back to Hong Kong again. At the start of the ceremony, Feng shouted: "I won!" All those present exclaimed: "Not won yet, we yet reach $100 million." Andy expressed that he's confidence that the box office takings will exceed $100 million on 1 Jan 2005.

For his first attempt at directing a non-comedy to obtain such outstanding box office takings, other than being a touching movie, the chemistry between the collaboration of 2 Best Actors in Andy and Ge You inspire the long queues for tickets, Feng says: "During the recent non-stop promotions in China, everyone is asking a movie ticket from me!"

When Andy arrives at Beijing in the afternoon, he discover that the roads are quiet but at the cinema where the ceremony is held, he discover there is a long queue for tickets, he says: "So all citizens of Beijing is here to buy tickets, Haha!" Initially Andy is just joking, but later he was told that everyday there're long queues like he saw to buy tickets for A World Without Thieves, therefore the director is also confidence of breaking the $100 million mark.

Several citizens whom saw Andy at the ceremony praise his acting and exclaimed that he'll be able to win the Best Actor in the Golden Rooster Film Award, Andy was puzzled if he register himself in the award but with many recognition and praises, he expressed that he's delighted, with the outstanding box office record, it's double happiness, he think it's worth the rush to Beijing to attend the ceremony.

news from : Wei Wen Po, Ta Kung Pao