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| Friday, December 24, 2004

When Andy is still young, he did wore a mask to board the mass rapid transit train, he screamed out loud and even threw eggs to scared other people. Andy revealed that he wished to received a present from Santa Claus therfore he become a Santa Claus riding motorcycle to distribute present to children.

Everyone can see Andy's results in showbiz, on charity, he didn't relax as he always attend charity events, from this year, his aim is to become the modern Santa Claus to make the legend character true for the needy children to have a merry Christmas.

When interviewed earlier, Andy dressed up as Santa Claus, wearing the Santa hat and a bag of present, his raindeer sledge was replaced by a motorcycle, he says: "I'm not Santa Claus, because I don't have moustache and not old enough, but I'm the same as Santa, no holiday on Christmas day, since entering showbiz, I had been working these 25 years, only get to enjoy a crazy Christmas one year."

Andy revealed that when he was quite popular in TVB in the past, he won't go shopping, but on that particular year's Christmas, I took the train home after work, I shouted out loud in the cabin, Andy says: "It was real crazy that year, together with my classmate of the training class, we wore western suit and mask to board the train after work, nobody recognise us. I shouted out loud in the cabin to scared the people around, it's fun seeing their looks in fear, it's real crazy."

Andy exclaimed that when he's young, he loved Christmas, he express that he'll transfer the presents from fans to the needy children then Christmas will be meaningful. He says: "Some needy children might not get Christmas meals and presents, I hope from this year, I can do it for them."

Tonight, Andy will have a Christmas street party at Canton Road as fans brought teddy bear as tickets, all soft toys collected will be donated to charity organisations for the needy children as though receiving presents from Santa Claus.

news from: Apple Daily News