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| Sunday, January 02, 2005

The year 2005 has started, several big incidents happend on Andy Lau last year, although being involved with lawsuits and elders passed away, but he won numerous awards, with addition of a successful concerts thus he thinks that he had quite a blessing year. Currently he selected the top 10 news of himself in the past year, when talked about the Golden Horse Best Actor, he excitedly express he'll be donating the money to be used for celebration with fans to the victims of the tidal waves.

1. 3 Best Actors awards in Hong Kong & Taiwan
Event: Andy has a fruitful year in movies last year, won many awards, with Running On Karma, he won the Best Actor award in Hong Kong Film Awards and Hong Kong Film Critics Association, at the end of the year, crowned Best Actor of Golden Horse Films Awards with Infernal Affairs III.
Remarks: Delighted in winning the awards, most happy is that there are a bunch of great fans, when I was celebrating with them in Taiwan, they sang 'Jin Tian' for me. Initially I planned to celebrate the win and the new years with fans in Hong Kong in Jan but the diseaster happed and I suggested to cancel the celebration and donate the money to the victims which all fans supported, I feel proud for them.

2.Shed tears during concert opening
Event: At the end of August, I held 15 nights of concerts - Andy Lau Vision Tour Concerts 2004 in Hong Kong, every night is full house, on seeing the great response from the audience, he was moved and shed tears onstage.
Remarks: I was moved by the audience at that time, it's being 20 years and yet so many people still adores me, with the addition of the reporters dropping their cameras to applause for me, it made me remembered the time when they congratulate me during my Best Actor in Hong Kong Films Awards win, I couldn't stop crying.

3. Physic better than sportsman
Event: In preparing the concerts had slim down 10 over pounds, when doing body checkup, although the doctor is worried that I have high cholesterol, a small growth in the eye, but he commended that my stamina is better than a sportsman.
Remarks: I found a doctor whom specialise with discipline army and sportsman, he said taht my body is the best among his medical records for the past 6 months, better than a sportsman.

4. Celebrate birthday on the plane
Event: Andy's birthday was scheduled to be one of his Mainland China concert tour, on the eve of 27 Sept, the air stewardess present him a birthday cake, first time celebrating birthday in the air, Andy is delighted.
Remarks: I normally have 1-2 weeks of holiday for my birthday, there's onlt 1 day for this year to spend quietly at home, especially having ate more than 10 birthday cakes, but best remember my first time blowing the candles and cut the cake on the air plane, there's 2 words 'kuai le' (happy) on the cake, I asked them to finished it and they finish it happily.

5. Lawsuit with Catchy
Event: Andy had a lawsuit with his record company Catchy which prevents him to release new songs and album, later Andy and several other companies went to seek debts payment from Catchy and even requested the company to wind up business, the lawsuit affect his singing contract, even lost the best selling award.
Remarks: It's being a long lawsuit, already for one year, thus in the concert CD, 2 songs - '17 Sui' and 'Ru Guo You Yi Tian' could not be included, it should be my best selling album of 2004 was lost because it was not registered.

6. Mentors passed away
Event: Several mentors like Liu Fang Gang, James Wong and Xiao Shen passed away last year which depress Andy. Liu is Andy's principal when he was in the actors training school, Xiao was the one whom suggested Andy to act Yang Gou in Return of the Condor Heroes, James has high influence in Andy's lyrics.
Remarks: These mentors are of great help during my road to success, I was lucky to be commented by James that my lyrics worth nothing before people thinks my lyrics are not bad. Without Xiao, there's no Andy Lau. Principal Liu create several megastars in the Chinese market.

7. Record hit rate for homepage
Event: ALEXA is an international company which specialize in calculating the hit rate of websites all over the world. In sept, andylau.com was ranked number 5300 among 30 over million websites.
Remarks: I was surprised, how many people surf to my site each day? Hope it can be better, let us raise to position 503 or even 53.

8. Seeing crazy fans
Event: When Andy was location shooting A World Without Thieves in China last year, a male fan hide inside his hotel room for at least 17 hours in order to meet him.
Remarks: This is the most surprised incident in recent years, luckily he's just a fan from far abroad, if he's a bad guy or thief, the result will be different. I'm most worried that my fans will do crazy stuffs regardless of their own safety.

9. Experience in Cannes
Event: Andy attended the Cannes Film Festival for the first time for the premier of non-participating movie, House of Flying Dagger which attracted 600 strong audience, the audience also gave a standing ovation for 20 minutes after the movie and has high remarks for the movie.
Remarks: I was so touched. For the trip to Cannes, I see another side of Zhang Yimou. I remembered when we finish watch 2046, it was already past midnight and there was a traffic jam, the car to fetch Zhang could not drive into the venue, he didn't vent his anger and he tag my shoulder and says: "Let's go! We walk this side!" As we walk through the crowd, the flashes from the reporters at the side kept flashing with the feeling of walking during the eve of Lunar Chinese New Year, I was so happy walking.

10.Merit Award self reflection
Event: Andy was awarded a merit award by the Hong Kong government to become a person whom "could accept challenges and face difficulties" for the people of age group of 12-25 years old.
Remarks: I dare to say that I'm one who never give up, but I'm not the champion, in the just past Christmas, I went John F Kennedy Centre to visit the diabled children, I see more champion there. Among them there's one student whom took a photograph with me 10 years ago, he's on a wheelchair with many tubes insert into his body, the crew members took a photograph for us. When I see his fighting spirit for life, I can't be compared to him.

news from: Apple Daily News