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| Saturday, February 26, 2005

It's known to all that Andy Lau has the support of Media Asia's Peter Lam and he shall not have much worries of him. However on 22 Feb, our reporter manage to catch Andy and EEG's Albert Yeung in a secret meeting. Around 1pm, Albert arrives with his bodyguards at Tai Tam Hong Kong Park View for a meal in his nanny car. 3 minutes later, Andy being chauffeured by his driver arrives without his assistant nor nanny and went in to meet Albert alone. Both had a meeting for 2 hours before leaving separately around 3 pm.

All along, Andy never seems to keep in touch with Albert, what the reason that they meet secretly? Frankly speaking, Andy's movies had the support of Lam but he's still a free agent for his music albums, therefore major record companies had approach Andy for collaboration. It's known that Music Nation had earlier approached Andy, therefore Andy may be meeting Albert for the discussion on collaboration for his music albums. But whom will inked a contract with him, Andy had yet decided, if you're him, of course will make your choice slowly!

Once it was sung 'One has to be alert on making money', but the times had changed, not that one can make by just being alert, if one don't have the substance, one cannot make it, if one have substance but not alert, again one will fail to make it. People are saying Andy knows how to make it , other than having the substance.

TVB presented a Most Popular Male Singer to him, he know to repay kindness as at the end of the year, he travelled deep to the nursery to teach all how to buy Chinese New Year flowers, he also gave a hands-on on how to make new year goodies. He also filmed a short film titled 'Strong' to encourage everyone as he accompany everyone from the first to the fifteen day of the Chinese New Year, have you ever see other singers repaying TVB after winning awards from the station? It doesn't stop there, he relief his Heavenly King status to sing Chinese New Year song, his song - 'Gong Xi Fai Cai' even edge out the other song sung by a group of new singer from EEG to become the highest air-play song in major radio stations during the festive period.

As a heavenly king, best actor and even become one of the 100 actor in Chinese movie 100 history, who upon reaching his state, when there is no worry on daily life, is still so humble and polite, still striving so hard ?

news from: Sudden Weekly