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| Tuesday, February 22, 2005

With regards allegations that she will be signed up by Peter Lam's East Asia Entertainment, Sammi Cheng didn't rule out the possibility. When asked that she was being persuade to join East Asia by Leon Lai, she exclaimed that there are not such matter but she doesn't mind any chance of collaborating with him.

Although her manager do help out in East Asia Entertainment, but it won't affect Sammi's decision. She then expose that Andy Lau is in negiotations with East Asia as she took the initiative to ask the reporter if Andy Lau already signed up by East Asia Entertainment, when told that it was a joke, Sammi said: "It'll be great that Andy signed up with them! (What about you signed up with them and persuade Andy to join?) Haha, wait till he thinks that I'm one of the shareholder?" She exclaimed that Andy is her good partner and hope to collaborate again.

news from: Ta Kung Pao, SingPao