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| Monday, February 21, 2005

This year is the 100th anniversary of Chinese movies, many countries celebrate the occassion, other than Hong Kong Films Awards to be presenting the Century Star award to Bruce Lee and invitations to several mega-stars to attend the celebration, being tagged as the Chinese Oscars - Chinese Movie Media Award had invited experienced movie personals to select China's 100 mega-stars, China's 100 Directors and China's 100 Movies.

The Chinese Movie Media Award is organised by Nanfang Daily and Guang Dong TV in appreciation to the actors and directors that had contributed to chinese movies in these 100 years. They had invited appraisal committee from the Golden Rooster Awards, Golden Horse Awards and 60 media appraisal associations to form the appraisal committee, Hong Kong senior movie personel Luo Ka and director Su Qi as the consultants. After 6 months, the committee selected China's 100 mega-stars, China's 100 Directors and China's 100 Movies and professional narrators were asked to record down the achievements and effect of these three '100' in chinese movies history, a memorabilia book titled Chinese Movies 100 Years will be published. Supporting organisations includes Xinhua Association, CCTV Movie Channel, CETV, Hong Kong Cable TV, People's Daily, Shanghai Youth Daily and 38 other media companies from China and Hong Kong.

Every name on the list are respectable figures, it includes deceased or current actors from Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. The deceased includes Ruan Lingyu, Bai Guang, Lin Feng, Liang Xing Bo, Leslie Cheung and Anita Mui, the current stars includes Chow Yun Fatt, Jackie Chan, Lin Ching-hsia, Stephen Chow, Maggie Cheung, Tony Leung and Andy Lau. Among them, the organiser think that Andy had a definite influence in showbiz and society, with his outstanding performance in chinese movies for so many years and his healthy image, thus he was invited to be the Chinese Movie 100th anniversary ambassador.

The standrard of the committee doesn't just consider on the popularity but rather on the movies/person influence on society and history and their achievements as a standard therefore Kwan Tak Hing's popular portrayal of Huang Fei Hung, Cantonese Opera's Yam Kim Fai and Pak Sheut Sin to be nominated has been the talking point.

The organiser had decided to held the 5th Chinese Movies Media Award prize presentation ceremony on 20 March in Guangzhou with a chinese movies 100 years segment where 100 mega-stars are invited. Sources said that family members of Lai Man Wai and Bruce Lee are also invited as the organiser are currently contacting Bruce's daugther Shannon Lee to represent her father to recieve the award from super-fan Stephen Chow.

With regards to Chinese Movie 100th anniversary ambassador Andy Lau, his managerical company spokesman said in a telephone interview: "We did recieve the invitation, but currently Andy is on holiday, we can only answer once he return, of course he'll be honor to become the ambassador, but he's due for filming in March, we've to see his schedule if he could attend, we'll try our best to arrange time to show our support."

news from: Apple Daily News