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| Friday, February 25, 2005

The 29th Hong Kong International Film Festival had been confirmed to be held on 22 March to 6 April as a press conference was held yesterday to announce the details. The organisers has selected 240 movies from 41 different countries to be screened in a total of 338 screenings during 16-days festival, different genres of movies were selected to satisfy the audiences' taste.

This year's festival invites Christopher Doyle to design a "red carpet" theme as poster. From 22 March, a series of activities will be held at the Hong Kong Cultural Centre, then the "red carpet" will be the searching point of buzz for Hongkongers.

Andy Lau whom had won several movie awards will be this year's festival in-focus figure as 11 Andy Lau movies were selected for screening which includes On the Wrong Track, The Unwritten Law, A Moment of Romance, Dances With Dragon, Saviour of the Soul, Casino Tycoon, What a Wonderful World, Running Out of Time, A Fighter's Blue, Love On A Diet, Infernal Affairs III to allow the audience to understand his acting history. Meanwhile, Andy also write a calligraphy for the Hong Kong International Film Festival as support, it will be used as a banner to be hang in all street lamps during the period of the festival. The organiser also specially publish a book on Andy which includes interviews, analysis focusing essays on him, his biography, filmography and introduction of his works.

Andy also attended the press conference yesterday as he exclaim that he had since acted in 111 movies and hope to become the most male lead actor as he quipped that he wish to break Kwan Tak Hing's record of 138 movies. Among his movies, Andy hope to share with audience his Saviour of the Soul which he lost he most money investing in and his tougest movie - Love On A Diet.

Having filmed more than 100 movies, so how many stages does he look in his acting career? Andy exclaimed that it's only one stage as the road is yet finished but yesterday is a turning point of his life. He feel that he's a commercial actor, Hong Kong International Film Festival seems some distance away from him but this year's theme - 'Let's movie!' seems to be pushing the movies to the mass audience.

The film festival will be screening 11 of his movies, he feel that the organisers missed out some of his movies, take Boat People for example but the quoted movie was screened in several movie festivals before. Other than Saviour of the Soul, he also like What a Wonderful World which is his lowest box-office taking movie. andy feel that Saviour of the Soul is similiar to The Matrix but just that it was shot 10 years earlier, later movies like Black Mask and The Heroic Trio were of the same theme. Andy still feel that the movie is up to standard and doesn't lose out after watching it several times. He quipped that his most memorable is the collaboration with Cora Miao in Boat People as he need to film a kissing scene with her in their first collaboration.

Anthony Wong and Lau Ching Wan were selected as In-focus Actor in the past film festivals, does Andy feel that his artistic status had raised? Andy quipped that they changed their image while he himself is still a commercial actor. When asked what's his weakness in acting? He quipped that it's intimate scenes as he would never take off his underwear. Therefore Johnnie To is the smartest as he make use of make-up technology to make Andy has a full nude performance in Running On Karma. Although he was frequently cast as the male lead, but in recent year's Magical Kitchen and Jiang Hu, he was the supporting actor, but he don't understand how he become the male lead in those movies.

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