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| Thursday, February 24, 2005

Andy Lau and Gigi Leung specially take some time off to attend their good friend Chan Hoi Kei's programme - Direct From Hong Kong as special guest yesterday in support of Chan whom was leaving the programme. Andy whom was on holiday but still accepts Chan's interview, on supporting her, Andy says: "Today is like chatting with Hoi Kei in a coffee house, if I don't like it I won't be her."

In the programme, three of them discuss about the problems faced in the development of Hong Kong's arts and movies. In between, Andy reveal that he'll be investing in 6 movies to nurture a new batch of directors, therefore he'll be asking an increase which will total up to HK$8 million in his asking fees in the next 3 movies offers.

Andy explains: "When I asked around among some bosses to fork out HK$8 million for some new talented directors to shoot movie, nobody agrees as they'll run into difficulties in their budget planning, therefore I decided to increase my fees and will use the money for the new directors to work on their projects. I also stress that I won't be accepting their (the bosses) movie offer if they don't accept my increase in fees, the bosses says no problem to my increase. I've calculated that there will be an excess of HK$8 million, the money is enough for them to shoot 6 movies."

According to a newspaper report, Andy whom contribute a lot to the Hong Kong movie industry will be presented a In-Focus Actor award in 22 March's Hong Kong Movie Festival to reward his contribution in the movie industry. The organiser also selected 11 among the 120 Andy Lau movies for screening. Movie Critics Li Cheuk-to express that Andy is in the peak of his career and sing praise that he could remain popular for 20 years!

In addition, when talked about 24-years-old Korean actress Lee Eun-joo committed suicide due to stress in work, Andy sighs: "I did watch her movie - Taegukgi: The Brotherhood of War before, she's a good actress, I feel that it's a pity when I heard this news." With regards to Andy who always seeking a breakthrough in his career and the difficulties that he encounter in his work recently, how to he handle pressure? Andy exclaim: "I've being in this line for so long, had already get used to it. Most important is your friends to tune our emotions." Then he mischievously look at his crew members and quipped: "I'm without stress whenever I work, because there're many people to be scolded by me! When I have a meeting earlier with them, I asked for their forgiveness. Haha!"

When talked about the current craze of Korean drama Dae Jang Gum which stars Lee Young-ae whom collaborate with him in a chocolate commerical in 1991, Andy says: "I remember her! She gave people a comfortable feeling, she was just a newcomer then."

Meanwhile, Gigi pointed out that Andy is an "alien" as he can't stop working. Gigi express: "Because Andy never stop working, he's full of energy, wanted to explain how he's so successful, he can be borrowed as a mirror, take him as a learning example, there'll be none other than him."

news from: Ta Kung Pao, MingPao, Apple Daily News, Sun News, Wei Wen Po, SingTao News