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| Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Andy Lau whom was crowned Best Actor for his role in Running On Karma in last year's hong Kong Films Award was favourite again this year with his movies House of Flying Daggers and A World Without Thieves but due to the 2 movies fail to meet the nomination requirements thus he fail to be nominated for the Best Actor and he admit that he was unhappy.

Andy, Miriam Yeung, Fu Mingxia and Karen Mok atteneded a press conference at Tsim Sha Tsui Historic Museum announcing that they'll be shooting a TV special introducing Hong Kong's tourist attraction to Mainlanders and it'll be broadcast in May.

In the TV special, Fu will be acting as Hong Kong Tourism Ambassador to promote Hong Kong's tourist attraction to Mainland China, Andy is responsible to introduce Hong Kong's historic and culture arts while Karen will introduce places for shopping. Andy exclaimed: "They think that I'm more mature thus I'll introduce history as I experience village life and Diamond Hill fire, what I say will have some meaning."

In recent years, Andy had been a regular in Hong Kong Films Awards as he was nominated for Best Actor for Infernal Affairs in 2003 and crowned Best Actor last year with ROK, however in the 24th HKFA nomination list announced yesterday, Andy will not be vying for the Best Actor award due to House of Flying Daggers and A World Without Thieves failing to meet the nomination requirements. On this, Andy says: "Frankly speaking, I'm unhappy but rest assured, I'll continue to support Hong Kong movies."

When asked if he'll be a prize presenter, Andy exclaim that he'll attend as did attended previously when he was not nominated. When asked if he feel that it's a pity that both HOFD and AWWT didn't meet the nomination requirement, Andy says: "I can't complain, rules are rules, I can't complain why Oscars nominate HK movies as Foreign Movie?"

However both movies were nominated for Best Asia Pacific Movies.

In addition, when Andy meet diving queen Fu Mingxia, they did chat happily as Andy praise that she's friendly and living in bliss. When talked that himself is Fu's idol, Andy says: "We knew each other for several years, I see her grew from a small girl, currently has a daughter and have her own life thus she doesn't care much as she refuse to answer questions on Tian Liang being kicked out of diving national team so I did ask her if she's afraid that she's being tagged as proud? She answered: "Don't care about them." I took my hat off to her." Andy exclaim that he get in touch with Fu more often before her marriage.

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