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| Monday, January 31, 2005

Andy Lau, Lam Ka Tung, Monie Tung, Stephanie Cheng, Ellis Tang and Cheung Wing Hong attended Po Leung Kuk Charity Bowling Competition at South China Athletic Association Bowling Alley. Other than being the special guest, Andy also compete in the charity bowling competition.

Andy officiate the opening ceremony and attain a strike which won several applause. Po Leung Kuk's chairman will sponser Andy as he'll donate HK$20,000 for strike and HK$10,000 for spares in the game. When the competition begins, with more audience around could have pressurise Andy thus making him nervous and lose his standard, thus he manage to get 1 strike and 7 spares thus raising HK$90,000. Andy apologise when he taking his last ball. But Po Leung Kuk's chairman still donate HK$20,000 to support Andy. In the end, Andy raise a total of HK$200,000 for Po Leung Kuk.

With regards to several celebrities fond of bowling, Andy pointed out that they are afraid of lsoing face when their ball goes into the gutter thus he's looking for a good location to open a bowling alley, the members area will be curtained up thus they can practice with privacy, he says: "I'll set a life-time membership fees of HK$500,000, thus this will encourage all to sing and act more movies to join the membership, I could earn back my investment within 3 months."

Ellis Tang and Cheung Wing Hong hope to be Andy's student as other than asking Andy to pass them the skills of bowling but also issue a challenge to him 10 years later, Andy exclaim: "This is not a problem, but 10 years later, I may not able to lift a bowling ball....or why not wait till my bowling alley is completed, all of you can come and play but I'll be collecting HK$500,000 for life-time membership, wait till all work hard to film more movies, after some sucess than join the membership." When asked if Andy will start lessons and take in students, he says: "I'm very fierce, I'll scold when one doesn't meet my expectation, thus it's not nice asking me to be instructor!"

Monie Tung whom take Andy as her idol since young exposed that she can't sleep the previous night and her heart beat faster when she see Andy from far, she was so nervous that her stomach aches. When Andy was coaching her on bowling, her mind was empty and heart beats very fast as revealed by Stephanie but she still manage to hit 2 strikes thus didn't wasted Andy's coaching efforts. When asked if she'll ask Andy to be her instructor, she says: "Of course I'm interested, but I'm lack of potential."

Reporters asked her to take a photograph with Andy, she was so happy as she blushes with tearing flow down her eyes.

news from: Oriental Daily News, Wei Wen Po, Ta Kung Pao, SingTao News, Sun News, Apple Daily News