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| Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Andy Lau's life is full of experience as he could look at every matter with an outsider view. With regards to Tian Liang being kicked out of the national diving team, Andy feel that he's still young and sportsmen and showbiz is different as he personally suggest that Tian Liang should concentrate on diving and even there's chance to earn money, it could only be between a few million dollars, in that sense, he should have put all his effort on 2008 Olympics, if he do wellm he don't mind giving him that amount of money.

When Andy was interviewed in Commercial Radio earlier, he express: "Manager is important to sportsman and artiste, does Tian Liang knows what his manager's knowledge and what's communicate with national diving team, what happened in between? If I'm his managerm I would ask him to continue on his diving and disallowed him to enter showbiz, even as he's 25-years-old now, he can't do a Edison Chen, why not dive till he's 30-years-old before officially enter showbiz as in showbiz, any actor will become popular only after 30 years old, with Tian Liang's life experience could be a good training for his acting, after all the glory in 2008, I will give a contract double the amount to him, currently he could only earn a few millions dollars, why not concentrate on diving, wait till 2008, if he does well, I'll pay you, if you leave now and signed the contract offered, what can he achieve, I don't know, showbiz is a long competition, actually with his diving determination, he should have no problem developing in showbiz, there are still 2-3 years to go, shouldn't be a problem if he rejoin the national team, he need to be clear of the route he's going, if he continue diving, being an artiste is still possible."

Currently, Andy is adores by millions but the most unhappy moments of last year should be his lawsuit, so any other than that that's unhappy for him (relating to Yu Kexin publishing the book on her past relationship with him?) He says: "I didn't take it to heart, so many things can happen in one day, let say in life, but I'll seize this chance to thanks all media, actually everyone can take this matter and ask me for months but all adores me and gave me space, everyone knows that this is a thing of the past, hope "she" had obtain what she want, but I do know which publishing house publish the book for her, haha."

Andy had a habit to eat bird nest in the past but since he had cut down as some said that if any one family member contacted cancer, one should not eat bird nest, (had you warned Law Kar Ying?) Felix Wong had told him. (How you look at death?) Nobody can predict, take Leslie Cheung and Anita Mui for example, so one should do more good deed and accept things that you don't wish to do.

With the Year of the Chicken round the corner, Andy's self-composed song for all Chinese - Gong Xi Fa Cai become a curse as he unwillingly help pirate to earn money as he become their "Most Popular Male Singer".

It's heard that this Chinese New Year Song would not be release in an album and could only be downloaded through the Internet and major telecom companies, Mainlanders used this to earn money as they transfer the downloaded song to CD or tapes as a service to those without a computer with a fee, thus borrowing Andy's song to earn a fortune.

Andy was surprised when told of this incident, he quipped: "I wish everyone 'gong xi fa cai' but all money earned is legal, should not earn money illegally. I was also told by my company that my concert's VCD and DVD were sold out and currently there're many pirated version selling in Mainland China. Hope fans can help out and support original."

Earlier, Andy was in Beijing shooting the music video of the song, the director invited a painter whom paint 20 giant paintings to be coupled with computer effect to transform Andy into the God of Fortune to send his wishes all over the world.

In real life, Andy is indeed a God of Fortune as during his staff party, other than the promised overseas tour, all Focus Group staffs will get a pay raise and year-end bonus. At the current company reunion dinner, Andy gave away more than HK$100,000 in cash and presents during the lucky draw. Andy quipped: "I have such a fruitful year which owns to the hardship of my employees, thus they're worth the 'fa cai'."

Accomodating this song, Baleno which Andy endorsed also printed red packets with Andy as God of Fortune to be distributed to their customers.

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