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| Tuesday, March 01, 2005

The winners of the 77th Annual Academy Awards were announced yesterday, Clint Eastwood directed Million Dollar Baby defeat Martin Scorsese's The Aviator which has 11 nominations to clinch 4 major awards which includes Best Picture and Directing while The Aviator only manage a consolation prizes in the Actress in Supporting Role and other technical awards. Chinese movie - House of the Flying Daggers which was nominated in the Cinematography lose out to The Aviator.

HOFD attract the Chinese media attention after being nominated in the Cinematography in this year's award after Lu Yue's Shanghai Triad get nominated 9 years ago. However, it lose out to Hollywood flick The Aviator.

Zhang Yimou whom started off as a cameraman, always spends many efforts on the cinematography of his movies, HOFD is no exception. This movie was being praised by Hong Kong and Chinese media of its packaging, although being nominated in Cinemagtography in the Academy Awards but was not tipped to win. Zhao Xiaoding whom was Christopher Doyle's assistant in Hero attended the ceremony, was given the task in HOFD was criticise to be not up to the mark. When compared with the other nominations like the glamour in The Phantom of the Opera, realistic in The Passion of the Christ and the huge settings in The Aviator, HOFD can only be nominated.

news from: Wei Wen Po