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| Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Taiwanese singer Ken Wu Ke Qun was in Hong Kong promoting his second album, when interviewed by RTHK that it was Andy Lau's fault that he become an artist as when he was still studying, he love to imitate Andy's way of singing and win him lots of applause then he think: it's easy to become Andy thus he release his first album.

However his album sales was bad, it can't even make into the top 20 of the selling chart, thus he begin to feel that it was not easy to be Andy as he really put a lot of hardwork and hardwork to gain success.

Currently, he hope that he could collaborate with Andy as he feel that Andy is a terrific guy no matter in his singing or acting, he's a 'tie ren' (superman). However, if he get the chance to meet Andy in person, he'll tell him: "It's your fault for me to become an artist, but I've to thank you."

news from: RTHK