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| Friday, April 08, 2005

Last thursday (30 March), Next Magazine held its Next TV Awards prize presentation ceremony. Andy Lau whom started in the TV dramas until today's silver screen Best Actor, although he was busy shooting for his latest movie Child's Dream, he still appear as the special prize presenter for the event.

Being an Andy Lau fan, Myolie Hu was so excited upon seeing her idol as she hold onto another fan Ron Ng Cheuk Hai and says: "How I wish I can take a photograph with Andy!"

Although Myolie whom was rushing for work couldn't get her dream come true, but she just can't stop laughing as she get to shake hands with Andy.

Ron is the most patience as after collecting the award to be photographed with Andy is not enough, he refuse to leave at the end of the ceremony as he wait for Andy to be interviewed by the media to be able to take photographs with his idol for another several times, if Myolie get to see this, her saliva could have been dripping onto the floor.

Other than Andy being the spotlight for the event, it must be TV serial War and Beauty winning all major awards and its four female leads well-dressed in attendance for the event.

news from: Next Magazine