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| Thursday, April 07, 2005

Concerts kicking off late in Hong Kong is getting very common, normally a concert kicks off around 15-30 minutes late, this is makes Deanie Yip whom will be holding her solo concert soon unhappy there was once she experience a concert kicking off 45 minutes late as she exclaimed that she's suffering punishment for her wrong doings. She ponders why Hongkongers like to be late.

Her solo concert will be held at the Hong Kong Coliseum on 20 and 21 May. She held a press conference at Harbour Plaza Hotel. Deanie exclaimed that she was nervous but she urge her audience to arrive punctually at 8:15PM or would have to wait 15 minutes outside the entrance, no lightsticks will be allowed to be brought in and no toilet breaks unless the middle break of the concert.

Deanie express that in Hong Kong, only Jacky Cheung and Andy Lau kicks off their concert punctually as from she remember they're only 5 minutes late which is acceptable, for those singers whom are not punctual, the media should report the truth. She follows says: "Being un-punctuality is uncall for, I'm also a citizen living in the city and should be educated, if you're a farmer you'll wake up when you hear the cock sing in the morning, why people in New York can do it while not in Hong Kong?" When asked how long her concert will last, she quipped that she'll not sing long as she's older.

No special performing guests will be invited but she had send out invitation to god-sons Andy Lau and Andy Hui to be her audience.
news from: SingPao, SingTao News