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| Tuesday, April 05, 2005

For this year's Hong Kong Films Awards script, the most comical should be the segment between Andy Lau and Carina Lau.

Carina (C) : "I really have not much fate with you as I seldom get to collaborate with you."

Andy (A) : "Do you remember? The movies that we collaborated are classic, take Days of Being Wild for example. "

C: "We're in the same movie but different scenes, we just walk past each other, never meet face-to-face."

A: "What about Saviour of the Soul?"

C: "You fall in love with the second person."

A: "Infernal Affairs II?"

C: "I like you ut what about you."

This is just the build up, for the ending, we didn't write it down, after both of them had read through the script and without comments then we'll show them. Finally, before entering the stage, Andy check with the backstage scriptwrter for the final version.

C: "I want to be the female lead of your movies, all whom collaborated with you are Best Actress."

A: "I do love to be your real-life boyfriend, as he'll keep winning awards."

Actually we have this base script but we can't say frankly and had to wait for them to discuss and they'll like it, because this script sounds 'sour-grape', too dread to win award. If we were to write it out at first, they might have comments, but when we all thought of the same, feeling that there'll be effect, then they won't mind. When preparing script for pize presenters, we must be prepared, one version on the surface, another version in mind, for the presenters to say out your main point, you must be patience and guide them slowly as they won't be anxious before going onstage. If not, trigger their mindset, would not like them to say that, I've tried coming up with new script on the spot.

news from: HKFA short stories of Lam Chiu Wing